MyATM Service

MyATM Service Is a kind of banking service where customers can make transactions, deposit, withdraw money, transfer money from account holder to account holder, from account holder to account holder, credit repayment, bill payment, phone card purchase and other services through ATM. Hattha Bank 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Cambodian Shared Switch (CSS) Is an interbank operating system governed by the National Bank of Cambodia's National Assembly, which allows Hattha Bank ATM card users to operate on member ATMs or POS machines of member institutions and member ATMs of member organizations. Can operate on Hattha Bank ATMs.

Service features
  • Subscribing for free and be able to make the transaction through ATMs in 25 provinces – cities across the country
  • Providing a variety of transaction including cash deposit, cash withdrawal, money transfers, mobile top-up, bill payment, balance inquiry, and bank statement
  • With safe cash transaction without carrying cash in hand
  • You can experience fast, convenient and modern financial transactions needless to come to the branch office
  • It is an ATM card that makes it easy for customers to use their savings account, where customers can make financial transactions through Hattha Bank ATMs or use ATMs or POS machines of banking institutions or finance that are members of the Cambodian system. Share Switch (CSS).

Notice: Customers can also make certain transactions such as money transfer, bill payment, phone card purchase and other non-financial services with Thai Baht (THB) account at Hattha Bank ATM.