Khmer Student Loan

Khmer Student Loan offers to the parents or students who need funds to pursue their study for a bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or intensive courses.

Product Features
  • Currency:


  • Term:

    Up to 84 months

  • Loan size:

    Up to USD 8,000

  • Interest rate:

    As low as 1.5%

  • Repayment mode:

    Flexible repayment

  • Provide loan of both tuition fee and non-tuition expense for purchasing study materials such as books, documents, and other stationeries.
  • Not requiring collateral for loan amount of less than USD 500
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Easy access to our branch network and ATMs nationwide

Notice: Bank reserves the rights to change the above information without prior notice.