Documents collection is a financial and/or commercial document between banks in accordance with the pre-defined arrangements between buyer and seller.

A variety of Documents Collection types are available including Incoming BC Under LC, Incoming BC Not Under LC, Outgoing BC Under LC, and Outgoing BC Not Under LC.

Product Features
Import Documentary Collection
Up to 12 months
Cash Secured/Term Deposit
Property (Credit Line)
Acceptance Fee
0.1% p.m (Min USD 50.00)
Amendment Fee
USD 30.00
Settlement Fee: 0.15% (Min USD 15.00)
Cable Fee: USD 15.00
Advising Payment Fee: USD 20.00
Discrepancy Fee: USD 50.00
Reimbursement Fee: USD 50.00
Export Documentary Collection
Handling Fee
0.1% (Min USD 50.00)
Courier Charge
USD 50.00
0.10% (Min USD 10.00)
Tracer/Inquiry Fee
USD 20.00
  • Provide trust for both buyer and supplier
  • Convenient and easy option for both buyer and suppliers especially for a new partnership
  • Reduce risks of losing money, goods, or cheating
  • Enjoy the global competition
  • Download and fill in this simple application form to get started

Note: Hattha Bank reserves the rights to change the above condition and interest rate without prior notice.