Executive Committee Members

Oknha Ieng Tong HOUT, President & CEO

Oknha Ieng Tong was co-founder of Hattha Kaksekar Limited in 1994, and has represented the institution since then. With a broad range of more than 30 years experience, Oknha Ieng Tong is an outstanding performer in both ?nancial and non-?nancial management. Besides graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture in 1991, he completed his Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Build Bright University. In addition, he has participated in many micro?nance-related workshops in the USA, Philippines, Indonesia, France, Germany and many other countries.

Mr. Wanchairabin JITWATTANATAM, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Wanchairabin joined HKL in November 2016. He has brought in diverse professional experiences across banking, management consulting and engineering industries from more than 20 years primarily with Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri), GE Capital, and AT Kearney. Prior to joining HKL, Wanchairabin hold a leadership position as Head of AEC Strategy in Krungsri where he managed the bank’s regional expansion and M&A in Mekong region. With a combined experience of banking and management consulting in South East Asia, he led several high impact strategy and growth initiatives across market segments and business areas which include corporate strategy, product/channel development, telemarketing enhancement, process re-engineering, and new sales/service model establishment. Wanchairabin holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School in Australia and a Bachelor of Engineering from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.

Ms. Vandith IM, EVP & Chief Operations and Administration Officer

Ms. Vandith joined HKL in 1995. With more than 25 years in financial and banking sectors, she has very broad knowledge and experiences in budgeting, operation, admistration, human resource management, tarlent development, project management, and etc. She holds MBA from Build Bright University in 2008. Plus, she has participated in workshop and training programs in financial and banking sectors which conducted within and outside the country.

Mr. Chansovichea DUONG, EVP & Chief Business Officer

Mr. Chansovichea has joined HKL in 2017 and appoint to be EVP & Chief of Sale and Distribution in 2019  and appointed to be EVP & Chief Business Officer in 2021. He had comprehensive knowledge and experience in market risk management, credit risk management, operational management, and sale & distribution management. He has more than 16 years’ experience in Banking and MDI Sector.

Mr. Vol ROS, Chief Internal Audit Officer

Mr. Vol was appointed to be Chief Internal Audit Officer in 2015, after starting his career at HKL in March 2008. He had more than 8 years’ experience in the field of internal audit and branch management, and more than 11 years in managing internal audit function. He earned his Master’s degree from Preston University after being awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the Maharishi Vedic University in 1998.

Mr. Vibol HIM, EVP & Chief Finance Officer

Mr. Vibol joined HKL in Jun 2018. He has brought in more than 15-year experiences in microfinance. Prior to joining HKL, Vibol held many senior positions in audit, accounting and finance and he became Chief Finance Officer in one large microfinance institution. He also has hands on experience in Core Banking System conversion project. With an outstanding academic background, Mr. Vibol obtained Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2002 followed by his master’s degree in Finance and Accounting in 2005. In 2017, he graduated from ACCA qualification and became a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) UK in February 2018. In addition to that, he has attended many courses related to bank and microfinance at both national and international level.

Mr. Boranchanborath CHEN, EVP & Chief Legal Officer

Mr. Boranchanborath joined in 2011 and appointed to be EVP & Chief Legal Officer in 2018. He previously had 10 years’ experience working as business legal and secretary for a commercial bank. Borath’s education comprises of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees of Private Law from the Royal University of Law and Economics.

Mr. Souphoan SEM, EVP & Chief Human Resource Officer

Mr. Souphoan joined HKL in 2010 and appointed to be EVP & Chief of Human Resource Officer in 2019. With more than 27 years’ experience working in different sectors, including a 14 years track record of human resource management, organization development, human resources planning and leadership development. He holds a Masters of Business Administration in Leadership Development from Eastern University, Philadelphia, USA, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Law from Norton University.

Mr. Tithya YIM, EVP & Chief Information Technology Officer

Mr. Tithya joined HKL in 2017 as VP & Senior Director of IT Planning & Governance and was promoted to be EVP & Chief Information Technology Officer in June 2018. His role is to provide managerial oversight for technology strategic planning, project management and technology governance for Hattha Bank.

Mr. Lina TOUCH, EVP & Chief Credit Underwriting Officer

Mr. Lina was appointed as EVP & Chief Credit Underwriting Officer in 2013, after starting his career at HKL in March 2005. He oversaw HKL’s business operations including credit operations and branch management. Lina graduated from the National Institution of Management in 2003; and has also participated in numerous practical training programs conducted both locally and internationally, especially in the Philippines, Vietnam and Luxembourg.

Mr. Virakdara NOUN EVP & Chief Digital Officer

Mr. Noun Virakdara joined Hattha Bank as EVP and Chief Digital Officer in December 2021. He has more than 12 year of working experience in technology, financial services, trade, distribution and professional sectors, including holding leadership and executive levels in digital for financial technology, captive financing, supply chain, trades, distributions, and accounting/tax professional services in both Cambodia and SEA. Virakdara holds a Masters of Business Administration from Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand

Ms. Sokun CHHENG, EVP & Chief Risk Management Officer

Ms. Sokun CHHENG joined HKL in 2015 and appointed to be EVP & Chief Risk Management Officer in 2019. She had 9 years’ experience working in a commercial bank. She has participated in numerous training courses, including identifying risk in banking and microfinance, business continuity plan (BCP) and disaster risk reduction management (DRRM), financial lease, loan impairment assessment, trade finance, credit, marketing and TESOL. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Finance and Banking at NUM in 2011. She became a Certified Expert in Risk Management of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in 2017.

Mr. Siebh LEANG, EVP & Chief of Sale and Distribution Officer (Acting)

Mr. Siebh joined Hattha Bank in 2011 (since it was MDI, Hattha Kaksekar Limited) and appointed to be EVP & Chief of Sales and Distribution Officer (Acting) in 2021. He has more than 17 years’ experience working in commercial bank & micro finance which responsible for Branch Effectiveness, Head Office Audit, Internal Audit Assurance, Financial Planning & Analysis and Management Accounting; with strong analytical, interpersonal, and leadership skills. Mr. Siebh obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and another Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Development, followed with a Master’s Degree in Finance from NUM in 2009.

Ms. Houng SRUN, Head of Compliance Department

Ms. Houng SRUN joined Hattha Bank Plc. in August 2020 as deputy head of compliance department, and later is appointed as Head of Compliance Department in July 2021. Before joining with Hattha Bank Plc, she had 6 years experiences in compliance at microfinance institution and commercial banks. She got certified in AML by ICA in 2018, UK. She graduated bachelor degree in International Relations in English program at RULE in 2015. In addition, she had participated in numerous training courses such as regulation requirement, and AML/CFT, FATCA conducted by local institution and international institution.